Boat Winterizing Las Vegas

As the boating season winds down it’s time to start thinking about boat winterizing. Timely maintenance of boat engine parts, especially before the cold weather, will prevent small wear-and-tear issues from becoming huge replacement expenses. Avoid having to pay for negligence or oversight.

Boat winterizing is a detailed process and you’ll want to make sure it’s done correctly, especially if you’re new to boating. After all, your boat is an expensive investment and not something you can replace easily. Specialist care by boat winterizing experts will guarantee years of good service.

What does boat winterizing involve?

  • Checking for leaks and damage
  • Changing the engine and drive train oil
  • Cleaning the inboard and outboard boat engine parts
  • Draining the water systems
  • Inspecting the stern drive
  • Servicing the fuel tank
  • Washing and cleaning the interior and exterior

Boating Lake Mead, Las Vegas is your Southern Nevada boating headquarters. Our expert boat winterizing service will make sure your yacht, cruiser or fishing boat is well tuned and raring to go next season.

Call 702-451-2992 for more boat winterize information or stop by any of our 5 boat stores – Dry Dock Boat Sales, Marine Center of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Lake Mead Marina or Las Vegas Bay Boat Storage.

Each type of vessel has a specific process for winterizing, cleaning or repairing its boat engine parts. It’s extremely important to follow the proper procedure. Inexperience and insufficient knowledge can damage your prized possession.

Boating Lake Mead is a family owned and operated business that has provided Southern Nevada with top quality boat engine parts replacement and maintenance, new and used boats, boating accessories and water sports equipment for four generations. Our staff is well-versed with repair and maintenance of a wide range of yachts, cruisers and fishing boats. Our clients who come to us for boat winterizing service have peace of mind knowing they won’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing an expensive boat engine part or drive.

Schedule your boat winterizing service at Lake Mead Marina, Dry Dock Boat Sales, Marine Center of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Boat Harbor or Las Vegas Bay Boat Storage.

We’ll help you make the most of your boating investment!

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