Update Your Billing Information – MarinaPro App





Dear Boating Lake Mead – Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina Customers,

As you may know, Las Vegas Boat harbor has been part of developing the innovative MarinaPro app.  The app is currently open for rentals but will soon be open to moorage / storage customers to help manage your marina account. With this app, you will be able to upload your current registrations and insurance and access more features in the future.

As part of this process we are moving our billing to a new platform and we need to have you update your billing information. We kindly request that you set up automatic billing via credit card or checking ACH.

Beginning this month we will beginning emailing the billing statements from our portal. Please note – paper billing statements will be discontinued in the coming months. Please watch for further communications.

Getting Started:

Update your payment information – Two Autopay Options in the Moorage Portal.
The old auto billing system is going offline on December 31, 2023. Please update or add your auto billing preference.

Two Auto Pay Options
1. Credit Card auto payment – a processing convenience fee UP TO 3.5% will be applied (the fee added by the credit card company and is based on the type of credit card you use)
2. ACH – using your bank information will NOT have any additional fees.

Auto Pay is Easy!
• If you already have automatic charges to your credit card, it is important to add and update your billing information in the new portal. You will need to update your information to avoid any interruptions to you.
• If you have never used auto payment for Boating Lake Mead, we encourage you to sign-up for convenient access to the portal.
• If you pay by check, you can sign up for ACH which is automatic.  You only need your routing and account number to sign up.


Step-by-step Instructions to Update Billing and Receive Automatic Entry to Win $250 Marina Credit

Start – click the link below and follow the process to sign-up for automatic payment via credit card or ACH.
1. Click link to start – https://moor.lvbh.marinapro.app/login
2. Enter your phone number – mobile number on file with the Moorage Department
3. Click – Send me Verification Code
4. Enter your Confirmation Code from the text or email – click confirm
5. Review the information on the screen. Personal info. and Slip/Boat info**
6. Click Update Your Credit Card
7. Choose Credit Card or Bank Info.
8. Enter billing information
9. You will receive the Thank You message
10. At this point, you have successfully updated your info. and the next billing cycle it will charge or debit your account accordingly.

**If you have multiple slips you will see each slip listed. If you have a dry storage as well as a slip – your dry storage will be linked, but may not show on the screen.

Please Note: If you have two (2) account numbers, you will need to contact us to properly update you billing information.
Please email moorage@boatinglakemead.com or text us at 702.262.8464

Troubleshooting: If you DO NOT receive the test or email confirmation code, please text us at 702.262.8464 or email us at moorage@boatinglakemead.com. The moorage department will review and contact you back.

What’s Next?
In the months to come, we will be releasing an update to the MarinaPro app where you will be able to see your monthly bill. Please stay patient while we work through all of these new and exciting changes.
Please make sure you save our email moorage@boatinglakemead.com into your address book, so you do not miss any news updates from the Boating Lake Mead Family.

Happy Boating,

Boating Lake Mead Family – Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina Moorage Department