Moorage News


Boating Lake Mead Slip Renters,

Boating Lake Mead management has continued to work with NPS and we have important NEW information:

1. R-dock unaffected areas open to public via shuttle only

  • No hanging out at dock
  • Free to take boats out on lake – enjoy and return
  • Returns must be scheduled for shuttles – shuttle open 8 to 4 – 7 days a week
  • Closed at night – no lights
  • No generators running at dock

2. I-dock up to damage will be open to public very soon. Come and go as you please

3. R dock power repairs will start immediately – will update as things progress.

Furthermore, the salvage process is beginning now. Please stay away from any damaged areas. Be aware of divers and crews and follow any verbal instructions given. This is for your safety and dive crews and dock crew safety.

Candice Hayes
General Manager of Boating Lake Mead

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