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Our boating experts can provide the assistance you need when you want to sell your boat in Las Vegas. Selling your boat is never a hassle when you rely on our resources and expertise to do it for you. For a minimal charge, our caring team takes all the stress away and completes the purchase and transfer for you.

When you sell your boat on consignment with us, you eliminate all worries about scheduling to meet with potential buyers or sifting through scam e-mails when you post your boat for sale on the internet. Our professional sales team will handle all the details that will allow you to receive the best price for your boat.

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What You Can Expect from Us…

  • We display your boat in the shade at our facility – conveniently located on Boulder Highway and just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip – where we have steady new and used boat traffic flow year round who rely on our knowledgeable staff to match them with a boat that suits their individual needs.
  • We will display your boat on major/popular boating websites to expand your reach & ensure you find a qualified buyer.
  • When we locate a buyer for your boat, we will take care of all the details of the sale.
  • We can assist the buyer with financing and will handle all the paperwork, including title transfer to the new owner.
  • At the time of purchase, we will take care of delivering the boat to Lake Mead so the buyer can conduct a sea trial.
  • When the sale is complete, all you have to do is collect your payment. Requirements for sellers include, signing a contract, filing all required documents with the dealer and maintaining current marine insurance until the time of the sale.

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  • Boats must be 15 years of age or newer and in good running condition. Exceptions do apply. Call for more details.
  • Boats must also be on a trailer (part of the purchase) to be displayed at Dry Dock Boat Sales or Marine Center of Las Vegas.
  • Boats in the water at Lake Mead can only be moored at Las Vegas Boat Harbor or Lake Mead Marina.
  • Pricing will be discussed at time of consultation.v
  • All required boat papers / documents must be on file with selling dealer.
  • Contract must be signed with dealer.
  • The seller must keep current marine insurance in effect while the boat remains on our premises.

Note: Las Vegas Boat Harbor is the only marina on Lake Mead that has a dealership license to sell within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Dealers in Las Vegas and Henderson must have a National Park business permit to sell your vessel within the park.

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