Marina Rules and Regulations

The word “LVBH” herein indicates the “Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Lake Mead Marina, Las Vegas Bay Dry Storage, Boulder Harbor Dry Storage” as well as any person duly authorized to represent Las Vegas Boat Harbor Inc. “OWNER” is defined in the agreement to mean “the owner of a vessel located within LVBH and any person associated with the owner of said vessel including all family members, agents, employees, licensees or invitees on LVBH premises.”

OWNER agrees to comply with all applicable rules, regu

lations and instructions of the National Park Service, United States Coast Guard and other federal, state and local authorities of government agency, all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any federal sate, city, local or other government agency.

Conduct: OWNER shall notify the moorage office of any unsafe, or hazardous conditions that come to their attention. Disorderly or improper conduct by any OWNER or Owner’s family, agents, licensees, or invitees that might cause harm to any other person or damage property or harm the reputation of LVBH is prohibited. LVBH reserves the right to board any vessel in the event of any unsafe condition or discharge of materials into the surrounding waters causing a prospective hazard to the marina, environment, and/or other vessels.

Children: Children under the age of twelve (12) are not permitted on the docks at any time without immediate and constant supervision by parents or other responsible adults. It is advised that non-swimmers or children under the age of twelve (12) always wear a life jacket on the docks and boat.

Pets: Animals must be tethered and restrained by a controlling leash (no longer than 6’) or in an appropriate cage when on LVBH premises. No pets are to be left unattended. It shall be the Owner’s responsibility to immediately clean up after their pet, should they soil, and dispose of the waste in an appropriate receptacle. LVBH shall be the sole judge of whether the Owner’s effort to control animals and pets are deemed to be adequate. All animals (except service animals) are prohibited from entering marina restrooms, cafés, and store.

Visitors: Owners are responsible for all visitors and guests. All visitors must be met at security gate. The moorage office will not admit any unauthorized users or guests through security gates. Visiting vessels are to park in courtesy parking only. If staying longer than two hours, they must register and pay fees.

Slip Occupancy:  Vessel described on the contract shall be the only vessel allowed in assigned area stated on contract. Any other vessel in said assigned area will be impounded and incur fees.

Slip Size: No portion of any vessel shall exceed the slip area, overhang the walkway, or extend into fairway at any time (e.g., bowsprit, plank, bow pulpit, swim step, engines).

Power Cords: Without exception, all connections made to the marina premises’ receptacles shall be marine grade, U.L. approved weatherproof, ground fault interceptor, three wire, grounded type. Wiring must be sufficient amperage for its use as specified by National Electrical Code. Undersized cords will be disconnected by LVBH personnel. Cords may not cross walkways. Must be secured to prevent cord from touching water. Must be kept in good repair no exposed wire or cracked outer casing. Adapters for temporary use are not to be left plugged in. Stray Electrical current may cause death.

Lines: Dock lines shall be adequate size for the vessel and shall be replaced on an as needed basis. Hoses, electrical cords, and line tails must be coiled. All vessels occupying side ties shall be moored with at least three-point tie-up and vessels moored in a contained slip should use at least four-point tie-up. Halyards and sails shall be secured to eliminate noise. All dock lines, hoses, cords that are in disrepair laying on the dock will be removed and discarded at the owner’s expense.

Storage: Owner shall not attach, affix, store, or install any other objects or materials (chairs, benches, storage boxes, satellite dishes, lights, fenders, ladders, carpet, artificial grass, etc.) to docks (fingers, uprights or walkways). Dock boxes maybe rented from LVBH. LVBH is authorized to enter the dock box(s), to effectively repair thereon or if, in the sole discretion of LVBH, such entry is necessary for the safety of the premises or vessels therein.

Toys: Inflatable vessels and all other watercraft (second vessel, PWC), or toys (kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, tubes, SUP, etc.) when not in immediate use shall not be left/stored in slip. Nothing is to be stored on marina. They shall be kept on the Owner’s vessel. Egress or ingress of vessel must not be hampered. Nothing is to be stored on docks (fingers or walkways). Emergency access paths and winch access must always be maintained. No unauthorized vessels can be in or behind the space, all vessels staying in the marina must register with office and pay appropriate fees.

Barbeques, hibachis, smokers, or open flame fires of any kind are not permitted anywhere on or in the marina premises. Electric barbeques and smokers are acceptable if they do not create embers, are not stored on the dock and have a metal drip pan under them.

Steps: Temporary, removable, non-affixed, non-secured boarding steps may be placed on the finger, subject to LVBH written approval, but shall be no wider than one-half of the width of the finger and no longer than five (5) feet.

Selling: No advertising or soliciting of any kind is allowed within LVBH or on vessels. NO “FOR SALE” SIGNS! If owner is selling his vessel, owner must make arrangements to meet prospective buyers at marina. LVBH will not admit buyers to see any vessel in the owner’s absence. Slips are NOT transferable without written consent; fees may apply.


Mechanics, contractors, workmen, crew, yacht brokers or other agents of Owner must be licensed with the National Park Service and approved by LVBH prior to admittance to the docks.

Bilges OWNER shall not throw, discharge or deposit from any vessel or float any solid or liquid material including but not limited to refuse matter, oil bilges, or flammable liquid (“waste materials”) into the water or upon LVBH premises. Vessels with automatic bilge pumps shall be maintained in a manner that will prevent Waste Materials from being pumped automatically into the water. A clean oil absorbent must be in the bilge at all times. All waste materials shall be deposited in the appropriate receptacles within LVBH premises subjected to LVBH supervision.

Toilet: OWNER shall not empty sanitation device in a toilet or lavatory facility on marina’s premises. Pump-out facilities including a Porta-Potti cleaning station is available twenty-four hours a day. LVBH has the right to question proof of holding the tank pump out.

Grey Water: All greywater must be biodegradable and kept to a reasonable level, a reasonable level is at the discretion of LVBH.

Fuel / Chemicals: No fueling or transferring of fuel within LVBH shall be permitted. No storage of flammable or combustible materials of any type including, but not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, lubricants, kerosene, “white gas,” paints, thinners, cleaners, turpentine, solvents, resins, epoxy, or catalysts are allowed in dock boxes, dock or on the vessel. All Cleaning products must be biodegradable.

Trash / Waste Material: Owner shall haul out all large trash out of the National Park. No air conditioners, refrigerators, couches, carpet, constructions debris, etc. Refuge and Recycling bins are provided for the guests, please use for intended purposes only.

Exterior Maintenance: No sanding, paint removal, spraying or scraping shall be done on topsides, above docks or underwater. Major constructions or repair painting or overhaul shall not be permitted within LVBH, LVBH shall be sole judge as to what constitutes “major construction or repair.” Any discharge of paint, sanding debris, hydrocarbons or chemicals into the water or land is a violation of Federal and/or State law for which can be prosecuted criminally and civilly.

Harbor Area: The use of fairways and slip channels shall be for the purpose of entering or leaving slips only. All vessels must be contained in slip. All vessels with engines shall use engines for propulsion within the marina waters. Maximum speed in marina waters shall be 5 MPH or steerage speed.

Swimming / Fishing: Fishing, cleaning of fish, swimming, diving and scuba diving or snorkeling is PROHIBITED in harbor area, Stray Electrical current may cause death. Drying or airing of laundry, towels or apparel on the docks or the riggings of a vessel is prohibited. (Harbor area is defined as all area inside tire breakwater.)

Wheeled vehicles: No skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, electric scooters, or any other wheeled vehicles (except for handicap equipment) may be ridden on docks or decks. Bicycles may be walked on docks to vessel and shall be stored on aboard vessels only.

Quiet Time: 11:00 pm – 7:00 am is considered quiet time. Main engines, power-generating equipment and other noise- making machinery, music shall not be operated during quiet time, except as necessary to enter or leave the slip. Engines shall not be operated in gear when the Vessel is secured to the dock. Unnecessary operation of engines in slips shall not be permitted, other noise-making equipment or appliances shall be operated in compliance with all laws, ordinances, and rules.

Deliveries: LVBH is not responsible for receipt or delivery of any mail or packages addressed to owner at marina’s address.

Vehicle Parking: Parking Area is for parking owner’s vehicle. No vehicle parking space is assigned or reserved, and the availability of parking is on a “first come-first served” basis. LVBH is not responsible for parking lot. Limited to 7 days, National Park Service will tow thereafter.

Illegal drugs: Sale, storage, possessions and/or use of any illegal drugs, controlled substances, or hazardous materials (as defined in Federal or State agencies) are prohibited on any part of the premises. Marijuana in any form is illegal in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

This set of Rules and Regulations is in no way complete, LVBH has the right at any time to amend or change this set of Rules and Regulations in order to maintain a clean, safe and friendly atmosphere.

It is the responsibility of the owner and guests have read, fully understand, and abide by the above-stated Rules and Regulation, and all amendments thereto as provided above.


  • First month and deposit (equal to one month rent) required upfront- (2-month minimum)
  • Copy of current boat registration (must be in the lessee’s name) must be kept in the moorage office at all times.
  • Proof of insurance listing boat and showing a minimum of $300,000 property liability and Pollution/ fuel Spill coverage.
  • Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Inc added to the policy as additional insured. A current copy must be kept in the moorage office at all times.
  • The boat must be kept operational, in seaworthy condition meeting all US Coast Guard standards and must be regularly maintained.
  • Inspection or marine survey may be required
  • No Wooden hull boats
  • All boats must be contained in the Slip – NO OVERHANG (bow and/or sterns)
  • One Vessel per slip
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
  • Price subject to change

For any questions or concerns please contact the moorage office.

Mailing Address:
Las Vegas Boat Harbor
P.O. Box 60157
Boulder City, NV 89006

Physical Address:
Las Vegas Boat Harbor
490 Horsepower Cove Rd.
Boulder City, NV 89005

Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Inc
Moorage Office 702-293-1191
Fax number: 702-293-1244

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