UPDATES AS OF 09/03/2023

On August 18 at 6:20pm, a massive storm swept down the parking lot from the west and hit the marina with huge winds. The dirt blocked out visibility, waves were pushing hard from shore, docks twisted, turned, and pulled. That night, crews arrived (family, crews, and friends) to help evacuate the marina and start securing the docks from further damage and decimation. We are thankful that no one was injured in the storm or in the time since. As of today, our crews have come together and logged over 4500+ hours of labor, sweat, and expertise. In one week from the storm, we had the marina put together well enough to welcome back boaters during daylight hours. The work continues. Many docks have temporary fixes to allow for access and the work, hours and sweat will continue. We thank all the crews for their dedication and all the boaters for your kind words and patience.

FUEL DOCK: OPEN – Thanks to the intense work, we are happy to announce that on 9/3/23 – we have reopened the fuel dock.  Pumps are limited, we have REGULAR, PREMIUM, AND DIESEL up and pumping.  RENTAL DOCK HOURS: 9AM-5PM.

Slips are fully accessible at this point and we are opening for full day/night access beginning this Friday, September 1. We ask that all boat owners – proceed directly to your boat and do NOT wander docks for your safety due to the amount of temporary fixes.

Traffic cone icon 19617908 PNG HAZARDS:
We still continue to monitor, mark and fix the docks. It is absolutely IMPERATIVE, for all slip goers to watch their step for any tripping hazards. If you find something new or unmarked, please take a photo of the issue, note the location and email moorage@boatinglakemead.com.

Please be aware of work crews and dive crews. Flags and tape will be used. Please do NOT approach these guys, so they can keep up the hard work.
IMPORTANT: If any crew members issue instructions – please follow them. They are for the safety of everyone.

POWER: Power has been restored to 95% of the docks. The only exceptions are as follows: I dock 17 & up, L dock from 25 up, arm 1 of Q dock including 1-14 and 137. We have NO ETA on when we will be able to restore power as deeper work is required.

WATER: Water has been restored to most docks.  Crews may need to shut water down periodically for repairs.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS / FAMILY / KIDS: Please talk to your crews and give them a safety talk about watching for tripping hazards. Do not look at your phone while walking. Please pay attention to the docks when accessing. Please do not wander the docks. Please proceed directly to your boat when behind the gate. Please listen for any crew instructions.

LVBH PUMP OUT: Out of order – no ETA. Please use the Lake Mead Marina pump out station, located on the north side on the dock parallel to and nearest to shore.

MARINA STORE: Open and fully operational. LVBH & LMM open 7 days a week, 7:30am to 5pm.


COURTESY DOCK: Open per normal – docking on southside of dock only.

MOTORIZED RENTALS: open per normal at Las Vegas Boat Harbor.

KAYAK / PADDLE BOARD RENTALS: Open and operating per normal at Lake Mead Marina.

LAKE MEAD WIFI: This service is on hold – no ETA.

MOORAGE: The moorage department can be reached at moorage@boatinglakemead.com or you can reach us via text at 702.262.8464.

SERVICE: Our service department is open and fully operational. For service and maintenance, please reach out to Dyanne at 702.293.3484 or complete the service request form.

Monday & Tuesday 8am-7pm
Wednesday & Thursday – CLOSED
Friday & Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-8pm

Wednesday – Sunday 8am-6pm
Monday – Tuesday – CLOSED
Hoping to expand hours soon!

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