Las Vegas Boat Harbor Named a Clean Marina

Nevada is a gorgeous state we’re privileged to live and work in. As topside water enthusiasts, we believe it’s our shared duty to keep our region’s waterways as pristine as possible. We’re proud to announce Las Vegas Boat Harbor has earned the distinction of being a Clean Marina by the Clean Marine Program.

What Is a Clean Marina? 

The Clean Marine Program is a group consisting of private, public and governmental owners and operators of marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs. This conservation group acknowledges the desire for access to the water and understand the responsibility required in ensuring these waterways stay clean and protected from pollutants. The Clean Marinas Program evaluates marinas and yacht clubs according to score sheets. The items on these sheets assess a number of aspects of the facility operations, including:

  • Emergency action plans
  • Preparation for spill management and cleanups
  • Provision of boater education
  • Fuel & oil spill prevention and containment plan
  • Enforcement of all rules and regulations for boat maintenance
  • Provision of resources for boaters to properly dispose of all materials safely and securely  

How Las Vegas Boat Harbor Keeps the Marina Maintained

Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Boating Lake Mead ensure we retain our Clean Marina status by:

  • Preventing all glass and Styrofoam containers from entering the Lake Mead National Park
  • Providing super absorbent, small bilge oil booms in our marina stores for boaters to use
  • Making environmentally friendly products available for purchase at all of our stores
  • Maintaining recycle receptacles throughout the Lake Mead National Park and educating visitors on which items can be properly recycled and which must be disposed of by other means

Lake Mead is a destination like no other, and the crew at Las Vegas Boat Harbor strives to preserve this body of water in every way possible. For more information about our Clean Marina preservation efforts, contact us at 702-293-1191 today.

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