How to Determine the Best Maintenance Schedule for Your BoatApril 12th, 2021

Your boat’s ideal maintenance schedule will always vary depending on the specific make and model you’re talking about, so you should always consult your original manufacturer’s documentation to see what you have to do to keep everything in proper working order.

Having said that, there are a few important things you’ll want to do before you head out on the water.

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Boat in Great Shape

By far, the most important part of your boat’s maintenance schedule is often the one that a lot of people overlook: cleaning the exterior. They spend so much time focusing on elements like the fuel line or the engine that they don’t realize that keeping your boat clean means keeping the finish intact for years to come. If too much salt from the sea is allowed to collect, it could cause the types of abrasions and scratches that are difficult (not to mention expensive) to get rid of.

Another important component to your boat’s ideal maintenance schedule involves not what you do when you get it ready for the season, but the steps you should take to prepare to store your boat for the off season. Not only will you again reduce the chances that serious damage occurs during periods when it isn’t in use, but you’ll also dramatically reduce the amount of effort needed should you ever want to sell, too. Before you put your boat in storage, be sure to take care of maintenance items like:

  • Replacing any cracked hoses
  • Lubricating the spark plug holes and replacing all inline fuel filters
  • Fill your fuel tank up at least 90% and be sure to add in anti-bacterial and/or other stabilizing agents, too.
  • Disconnect the battery and store it away from the boat itself, preferably in a cool, dry place
  • Clean the propeller and the shaft and apply grease to the shaft after it’s been cleaned
  • Top off all essential fluids, especially antifreeze

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